Amid the Noise. Comedy - HD (11 minutes) Writer / Director (2005-2011) 
Paula is a young writer who, in the middle of the night and in the solitude of her apartment, is searching for a story.

Alex & Elena.   Comedy - HD (23 minutes) Writer / Director (2007)
On his birthday Alex hopes Elena will call or drop by to reconcile. The day unfolds and Elena doesn’t appear. Frustrated and full of self-pity, Alex is about to do something foolish, but Providence turns tragedy into a happy ending.

The Other.   Drama - 16mm. (14 minutes) Producer / Co-writer / Director (1999-2004)
Amanda is a young woman cornered by a routine relationship with her boyfriend Jack.  One day she meets Rafael , a middle-aged,  Latino, enigmatic writer, who lives one floor below. She is attracted to him and gradually finds herself trapped between reality and her romantic fantasies. 

Produced with the support of The Canada Council for the Arts.

The Red Window. Drama - 16mm. (30 minutes) Producer / Writer / Director (1997)
Sara, a young Salvadorian born woman, who came to Canada at age ten, utilizes her memories of her grandmother in El Salvador and her love affair with a haunted older man as raw material for her experimental super-8 films.

Produced with the support of The Canada Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council and LIFT.

The Dark Chamber. Drama - 16mm. (16 minutes)  Producer / Writer / Director  (1995)
Estela, a woman in her mid 30s, is tortured in a Salvadorian jail to obtain intelligence, but the action could take place anywhere a person is being degraded and stripped of their human rights.
Produced with the support of the Canada Council Explorations program, Racial Equity Fund and the Ontario Arts Council First Project.



 Culture and War. (1985)  Documentary:  A series of 3 films about the arts in the context of the civil war in El Salvador. BETA (Mix: Super-8mm, 16mm footage) 5 - 10 minutes each.
 Co-writer / Co-director.  Produced with the association: Original y Copia Independent Producers.

Chasca La Diosa Del Agua.  (1983) Drama: based on a Salvadorian legend.  Writer / Director. Produced in collaboration with Educational Television El Salvador.


Toward The Future: Peace or War in a Tiny Country. (1981) Documentary: 16mm (MixSuper-8 mm and Beta), 10 minutes.  Co-producer / Director.  Produced with the association: Original y Copia Independent Producers.



Santiagos’ old Suit. Drama/ short 2011
The story of a man who, in the silence of his memories, sails towards death.

The Second Chance.  Drama / Feature (2005)
About a man and a woman who learn to love and live again.  It portrays a Latino refuge / artist who witnesses the cold-blooded murder of his lover in his native country and a Torontonian actress / bartender who comes to understand that her 10 year old relationship with a French Canadian theatre director was doom from the beginning.

¿Y Yo Que Hice???  Comedy / Feature (2003)
About a judge, who in his search for supreme justice ends up in a loony bin. 
Adapted from the novel: Justicia Sr. Gobernador, by Salvadorian novelist Hugo Lindo.

Ashes and Dust.  Drama / Feature (2001)
A story about friendship and love in a time of hate, which takes place in the city of San Miguel during the last months of the civil war in El Salvador (late 1980s).  The friendship and love story is framed in the aftermath of a rebel attempt to take political control of the city.